Loz Compèring

Mistress of Ceremonies, Loz Because brings her quirky, captivating style to host any event. Loz has compèred circus cabarets, festival stages, educational events and sporting celebrations.

Her experience in improvised comedy, clowning and plethora of material make her highly versatile for any sort of show.

Loz was compère on the Olympic Torch Relay 2012.


Loz Compering Loz was presenter for the circus segment of the Olympic Torch Relay show, which took place in a different town every evening of the 70 day, UK-wide event – as the Olympic Flame made its way to the Stadium in London 2012. The compèring tasks also included interviews with sporting celebrities, warming up crowds, and improvised entertaining on street-level or from the touring buses.

Her incredible skill and endless witty banter had everyone enthralled. Simply stunning.
Simon Chainey, Festival Stage Booker.